Scented Leaf Pelargonium Growers and Suppliers

Growers and Suppliers of Scented Leaf Pelargonium plants, often referred to as scented geraniums
delivery by post to the UK and Ireland
the UK's original and 1st independent online specialist scented geranium Nursery

Assisting you to make an informed choice

  • consider where you intend to grow the scented geraniums, allow enough space for each type to grow
  • scented geraniums are not uniform in growing habits, sizes range from compact to very large at maturity
  • select the sub category heading below, open main details page of each type
  • for the full characteristics of each type download our scented leaf pelargonium catalogue to your mobile, tablet or PC.  for the avid enthusiast we recommend printing our catalogue and add to a binder, make notes to monitor each type's progress
  • individual named types are cross referenced and may appear in more than one sub category
  • with so many types to choose from you will most likely find it difficult selecting, we recommend try before you buy leaves samples 
    **sample leaves only available to UK**


we emphasise that we only accept plant, gardening sundries and sample leaves orders for delivery to the UK and only plant orders to Ireland.
if you reside in another country of the world please do not be tempted to order plants or physical items that require posting, as the order would be cancelled and refunded.  
Other countires, see Digital Downloads

Scented Leaf Pelargonium - Scented Geraniums are
Living Natural Fragrance for Homes and Gardens
Grow indoors as a house plant all year or outdoors during frost free months