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How to care for Scented Geraniums

Plant care

For information on how to grow and care for Scented Leaf Pelargonium



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How to Grow and Care for Scented Geraniums

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About Scented Geraniums
Below the photo there's a link that will provide you with some interesting facts about the Scented Leaf Pelargonium group. 
We also write regular articles and provide lots of Tips in the Hot Topics section of our website.

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Hot Topics
It's always worth having a read through our Hot Topics as we cover many different subjects here; gardening and otherwise, funny and serious. 
Hot Topics is like our Chat area and if you have an interesting Scented Geranium story please email to us and we'll try and include it.
Annie and Guy
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Info, articles and FAQs

Life Coaching for bi-lingual Scented Geraniums living in Denmark

(June 11, 2013)



For further information see:

You can contact Trine on
+45 3120 7094
or Email

Trine Bluecher
Life Coaching 
Self Development 

Trine Bluecher

Here's how Trine describes in her own words what she's able to bring to you :

'I help and coach people to achieving goals and overcoming preventions. Your situation is unique, and we will focus on your personal goals and beliefs to enable you to reach the results you want.

People come to me with many different challenges, such as career achievements, weight and health, life purpose, prioritization and personal issues. Further, I work with relieving stress and depression, as well as couple and family coaching. 

I was certified Life & Business coach in 2008, and have worked with coaching and self-development ever since. Additionally, I am certified NLP Practitioner and Stress counselor, and I am currently studying for a degree in narrative therapy. My professional background is within business development, I have an MBA, and have worked within communication, strategy and marketing before focusing on my coaching career.

A coaching session with me is usually one hour over the phone, Skype or in person. I am based in Copenhagen and coach people in English primarily in Europe and the US.'

Trine's website address and her contact details are at the top of this section.

Our Scented Geraniums really are well travelled plants and as even more countries join the EU it never fails to amaze us just where we post to.  Since the beginning of this year we have many new EU Scented fans; Julie from Estonia, Josef from Malta and Trine from Denmark are just a few of our EU SG admirers and followers. 

Trine, as a Life Coach, has a great belief that we all have an untapped life potential which with a little help and coaching can often drastically change our futures in a really positive way.   I would definitely agree with Trine that many folk never do reach their full potential in life and if this rings a bell , for you the Reader, there’s never a time like right now to do something about it.  Trine is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and has also lived and studied in the United States.  She is a fluent English speaker and coaches many people throughout the UK, Europe and the US.  Trine utilizes the internet and Skype for telephone sessions and also undertakes face to face individual or group coaching sessions; including corporate team building.  So, as you can see our lovely scented geraniums have a great new ‘Mummy’ in Trine who is already teaching them Danish and we’re sure that she’ll encourage them to grow in to raving beauties being as she has such a positive outlook on life.  To find out how Trine might be able to change your future life please see her Contact details, which are provided at the left.

Scented Geraniums are very special and are a magical group of plants

Over the past few years I have come to the realisation that Scented Geraniums do truly have amazing powers.  From the many people I have met here at our Nursery, on the outskirts of Dungiven in Northern Ireland, through to the diverse and interesting emails that we receive from across the World; Scented Geraniums mean so many things to so many people which are often on a very personal level.  This beautiful fragrant group of plants possesses the ability to recall in people’s imaginations a moment in past times of grandparents, a special birthday or occasion, as well as bringing together people from countries who would never otherwise have met.  I am instantly recalling several people who I have been regularly corresponding with by email over the past few years and although we have, perhaps, never met in person we have exchanged many stories of our individual life experiences. 

Scented Geraniums really do have the amazing powers to cross over many divided communities, cultures and lifestyles.  They possess a magical ability that knows no boundaries with regards to language or individual personality and bring tremendous joy in to so many people’s lives. 

Scented Geraniums are a plant that heightens our natural senses
growing these lovely plants brings about a sense of inner calm and joy

  • Touch.  Gently crush the leaves to release the fragrance in to the surrounding air
  • TouchFeel the leaves as they have many different textures
  • Smell.  There's so many lovely different fragrances contained in the natural oils in the leaves
  • Taste.  Use the herbal aromatic leaves in cooking and recipes.  The leaves are also extensively used for herbal preparations for health and well being, in aromatherapy and in general medication.
  • SeeEach type of plant in the scented leaf pelargonium group is unique and are fascinating to the eye.
  • Hear.  Many beneficial insects love scented geraniums, especially bees.  As the insects move around a plant they disturb the leaves and the fragrance is released in to the surrounding air.
  • As a Sensory Aid.  Over the past few years Scented Geraniums are often used when setting up a sensory room for children and adults with limited mobility, sight or hearing.

Do email us with your story
and let us know why Scented Geraniums are special in your life
we'd love to hear from you
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Annie & Guy 

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