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How to care for Scented Geraniums

Plant care

For information on how to grow and care for Scented Leaf Pelargonium



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How to Grow and Care for Scented Geraniums

Growing & Care Info:


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About Scented Geraniums
Below the photo there's a link that will provide you with some interesting facts about the Scented Leaf Pelargonium group. 
We also write regular articles and provide lots of Tips in the Hot Topics section of our website.

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Hot Topics
It's always worth having a read through our Hot Topics as we cover many different subjects here; gardening and otherwise, funny and serious. 
Hot Topics is like our Chat area and if you have an interesting Scented Geranium story please email to us and we'll try and include it.
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(December 31, 2016)

 Email Address that you provide when you place your Order through our website?
Using a 'works' email address is not a good idea when ordering off the internet .

We have received a few emails recently from Customers to say that we are not keeping them informed regarding the progress of their Order and a few people have been quite angry about this.  This is not the case.  We have noticed that quite a few people are ordering through an email address that is associated with either their workplace (a Company email), a Government or Public Institution, a College or University, Hospitals etc. 

As most of the former have excellent junk filtering software on their computer systems the chances are that they have set their email filters in such a way that you will not receive any notifications from any company, including us, that is not connected with that particular Establishment. If you would like to receive Order updates it's a good idea to use your own private email when ordering anything off the Net.

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  • Order Received Email - this is the first email that we send you and it lets you know that we have definitely received your Order.  This email is automatically generated via our website and you will also receive an email from PayPal or Google Checkout which confirms payment.  Please note that the Order Received Email provides an Order ID number and if you would like to contact us it is important that you quote this number.  It is difficult for us to locate any Order by name only being as Customers may have the same surname.  Also, sometimes we are contacted by a Customer who may be called 'Jane' but they have ordered in their partner's name which is 'Bill'. 
  • Order being Processed Email - you would usually receive our Processing Email within 24 hours of placing your Order.  This confirms that either Guy or me (Annie) has checked your order and we have moved it into our QUEUING SYSTEM.
  • Behind the scene, which you do not see, your order progresses up the queue as earlier orders received are dispatched. This is especially relevant early in the season of each year, and in particular during the months of April and May, when we receive a deluge of orders in a very short space of time.  From June onwards Orders are generally dispatched 1 - 2 weeks from placing an Order, depending on individual plant availability.
  • Dispatch Email - all Customers, without exception, receive a Dispatch Email a few days before we are going to post out the scheduled Orders on the following Monday or Tuesday.
  • Special Instructions Box when you place your Order on our website - during the checkout procedure you may put in a request to your local Postie (not to us as we do not do the actual delivery!).  E.G. 'If out, pls leave in porch. Thanks'.  The requested instruction does need to be brief as we have to fit it on to a label - not to mention the local Postie doesn't really want to read a book on their rounds.

If you do like to be kept informed,
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