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How to care for Scented Geraniums

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How to Grow and Care for Scented Geraniums

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Info, articles and FAQs

Scented Leaf Pelargonium - when to Order for 2010 Season?

(August 26, 2009)
Here's a Scented Geranium enquiry that we received recently regarding ordering scented leaf pelargoniums for the 2010 Season:

Your site has just been recommended to me. When should one be ordering for 2010 please?

Many thanks Madeline

Our reply is as follows:
Hello Madeline

An interesting question regarding ordering for the 2010 season; let me attempt to explain why I think this is so.

We are a small hands on working Nursery as opposed to being a Garden Centre or a big mail order plant/seed supplier.  Our passion is primarily growing Scented Leaf Pelargoniums, although we do grow other plants here as well as quite a lot of vegetables and fruit for our own use.

As we are Growers first and foremost our Scenteds are available all year round via our website.  If you are able to provide indoor shelter over the winter months there isn’t any reason why any frost tender plant may not be purchased at any time of the year, i.e. protecting from the frost in the house or in a greenhouse/polytunnel during the winter months.  Also, Scenteds are very popular as house plants for all year and many people buy for this purpose as opposed to intending to plant outdoors.  However, I do feel that some of the larger types do benefit from being planted outside over the summer months, such as Clorinda which does make a very large plant indeed.  The availability of indoor space is, therefore, the main criteria for ordering time?

I think the idea of Seasonal ordering goes back over many decades and does still remain valid where people cannot provide the necessary protection against the frost.  Many Customers living near coastal areas do leave their Scenteds in the garden all year, although I wouldn’t recommend this.

As far as the ‘2010 Season’ goes we would anticipate that ordering will begin in earnest around early February, will peak about April and continue at a high volume level well into June.  I think we are quite different from a lot of Garden Centres etc., as our sales are intentionally internet based which does reach a very wide audience throughout the UK and the EU.  2009 has seen our internet sales triple on 2008 as the Scented Leaf continues to grow in popularity as it becomes more widely known.  We would not be surprised that in 2010 that we see yet another dramatic increase as the move towards a more natural way of living continues.  The attraction with Scenteds is that they are totally fascinating as they are not just a decorative plant they are classified as herbs and may be used in cooking + many herbal remedies + natural fragrance for around the home and a lot more besides.

I am currently ‘working’ on plant stock for next year and we should be well in advance for the beginning of the 2010 Season.  Our medium sized SG’s have proven to be really popular this year and we are hoping to be able to offer this size for all of our plants next year as well as the Starter size.

To summarise – you may order Scented Leaf Pelargoniums via our website at any time of the year.

Thanks Madeline for a very interesting question and I’ll use this + our reply as a Hot Topic on our website.

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